Domestic Inbound Charges

Domestic Inbound Charges

Schedule of Charges - Effective 15th July 2013

1. Terminal / Storage / Processing Charge [TSP]
A) General Cargo/Unaccompaned Baggage. 131.00 1.21
B) Special (AVI) - 210.00 2.31
C) PER/DGR/VAL - 210.00 2.31
2.Demurrage Charges / Storage (per kg/per day)
A) General Cargo 210.00 1.38
B) Special Cargo (AVI) 263.00 2.42
C) PER / DGR / VAL Cargo 263.00 2.42
3. Courier Handling Charge 131.00 1.21
4. Airwaybill Amendment Charges 105.00
5. Packing / Repacking / Strapping Charge 6.00 / Carton / Bag
6. Parking charges applicable depending upon vehicle type

Notes : Common for Inbound and Outbound

Consignments of Human Remains, Coffins and Unaccmpaned Baggage of the deceased and Human Eyes will be exempt from the purview of TSP chargesand Demurrage Charges.

Free Period will be 24 Hours for shipper / Consignee.

All billing will be rounded off to Rs 1. as per rules.

The Charges will be levied on Gross Weight or Chargeable Weight whichever is higher. In Case misdeclaration is found on the airwaybill, the Actual Gross Weight or the Actual Chargeble Weight would be applicable and which ever is higher will be taken for the levy.

VAL Cargo means - Gold Bullion, Currency Notes, Shares, Share Coupons, Travellers Cheques, Diamonds (Including Industrial Use) Diamond Jewellery, Watches of Silver - Gold - Platinum and All Items of value USD 1000 / KG and above.

All Charges are excluding Service Tax. Service Tax will be payable additionally..

No Outside labour will be allowed to handle the cargo in MABBPL.

Complete shipment should be available prior to payment of TSP Charges.

Parking Charges as per International Tariff sheet.

2 - Wheeler parking subject to Availability.

50% of the General Cargo Charges will be applicable to newspaper (Daily) TV Reels. Applicable to per kilo charge only.

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