Cold Zone

Cold Zone

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is quite unique and demanding in its logistics requirements. It warrants expertise in complex logistics processes as well as a comprehensive understanding of its quality assurance, legislative frame-work, transport and handling requirements. After having studied the logistics requirements of the pharmaceutical, healthcare industry and various perishable commodities, Menzies Aviation Bobba have devised a winning and unique combination of resources, which would ensure competitiveness, compliance and prompt service delivery.

As a corollary, Menzies Aviation Bobba Cargo Terminal has opened up a dedicated Cold Zone onsite and adopted operational processes with permanent temperature monitoring which meets the requirements of WHO, IATA and GDP guidelines. Our Cold Zone has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of World Health Organization (WHO), Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP).

We are committed to ensure the highest level of integrity for pharmaceutical and healthcare products, throughout the supply chain.

Cold Zone Details – Controlled Room Temperature (15º to 25ºC)

Pharmaceuticals, Perishable, Time & Temperature sensitive shipments require special attention to its handling. An increase in the quantum of regulation brings with it an increase in the demand for handling requirements of temperature-sensitive cargo. Menzies Aviation Bobba, with its dedicated Cold Zone, is well prepared to handle such demands, within the existing infrastructure of the Cargo terminal.

The infrastructure of 8,509 Sq.ft offers an acceptance area of 2580 Sq.ft and a storage and buildup area of 5929 Sq.ft.

Operational Process

A complete handling process is in place from acceptance to the release of cargo, from the warehouse.

A comprehensive system on par with global standards has been deployed, which ensures no excursion in temperature while at our Cold Zone.

Temperature control alarm notification – Hooter & SMS system.

An effective, safe, secure and functional operational environment is in place that guarantees consistent and sustainable quality.

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