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Unaccompanied Baggage Clearance
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Procedure for Clearance of Unaccompanied Baggage
Sl No. Particulars Location
1. Collect Delivery Order from Airlines  
  Collect Delivery order from the concerned Airlines/Consol Agent office after payment of necessary charges Click here for more details
2. Collect Clearance Forms from Customs  
  Collect the TRANSFER OF RESIDENCE (TR) / UNACCOMPANIED BAGGAGE (UB) Clearance form from the Customs office Unaccompanied Baggage Customs office in the Import warehouse.
3. Registration with Customs  
  Submit the TR/UB Clearance form along with the Air Way Bill/ House Airway Bill, Passport and Delivery order to the Customs office. Registration is done in the computer by the Customs staff. Unaccompanied Baggage Customs office in the Import warehouse.
4. Examination of the Baggage  
  For examination of the cargo, obtain the Location slip from the MABBPL counter and hand over to the Coordinator

Examination is done by the Customs Officer in the Unaccompanied Baggage room
MABBPL Import counter in the Import warehouse.

Unaccompanied Baggage room in Import warehouse
5. Payment of Customs Duty  
  After completion of Customs examination, the Superintendent will issue the Customs Duty challan for payment of the Customs Duty

Pay the Customs Duty by cash at the State Bank of India Devanahalli Air Cargo Complex branch
Unaccompanied Baggage Customs office in the Import warehouse.

State Bank of India branch located in the ground floor of the Main building of the terminal
6. Collect "Out of Charge" from Customs  
  Collect "Out of charge" from Customs Superintendent against the Duty Payment receipt and submission of photocopies one set of all documents (UB/TR forms, AWB, Delivery challans, copy of the passport) Unaccompanied Baggage Customs office in the Import warehouse.
7. Collect VCT (Gate Pass) for Delivery  
  After collection of the "Out of Charge" from Customs, fill up the Import application and submit the same to our Counter along with the original "Out of Charge" copy, Delivery Order from Airlines/Consol agent and copy of AWB. Collect the Invoice and and Vehicle Control Ticket (Gate pass) by paying the Handling charges and demurrage charges (Only cash/DD accepted. DD to be drawn in the name of "MENZIES AVIATION BOBBA (B'LORE) PVT LTD" MABBPL Import counter in the Import warehouse.
8. Obtain the Signature of the Customs Officer on the VCT  
  After collecting the VCT, please obtain the signature of the Customs Officer (Gate Officer) on the VCT. Customs office in the Import Warehouse
9. Collection/Delivery of the Baggage  
  After obtaining the signature of the Customs Officer, the VCT is to be submitted to the Warehouse Coordinator at the delivery point. Coordinator will then arrange for getting the baggage to the delivery area. Check the baggage and take delivery (Baggage will be delivered to the vehicle mentioned in the Import application by the operations staff at the dock area) Delivery dock in front of the Import warehouse shutter
10. Acknowledge the Receipt of the Baggage  
  After taking physical delivery of the cargo, please put your signature on the VCT/ Release Note for having received the cargo in good condition Cargo Delivery area near the Import warehouse shutter
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