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Menzies Aviation Bobba Cargo Terminal - Introduction
Menzies Aviation Bobba (B'lore) Pvt Ltd, (MABBPL) has been awarded the concession by Bengaluru International Airport Ltd (BIAL) to build and operate the Cargo Terminal at the Bangalore International Airport, Devanahalli for a period of 15 years till 2023. The Cargo terminal will handle International and Domestic cargo under one roof.

BIAL has allotted 7.3 acres of land for construction and operation of the Cargo Terminal at the Airport. MABBPL will handle the International cargo (Export, Import) carried by international airlines operating out of Bangalore- Lufthansa Cargo, Aero Logic, DHL, Air Asia, Air France Cargo, British Airways World Cargo, Thai Airways, Oman Air, Qatar Airlines and Blue Dart. MABBPL will also handle Domestic cargo carried by Domestic Airlines such as Go Air, Indigo and Spicejet etc. at the terminal. The terminal has a maximum capacity to handle 280000 tons of cargo annually. Essentially the Cargo Terminal is a public user facility for the trade in Bangalore. MABBPL will play a very important part in the Supply Chain function. MABBPL will be responsible for receipt, storage and delivery of cargo.

The Cargo Terminal will handle all types of normal cargo-Garments, Electronic and Engineering goods, aircraft parts, medical equipments, IT hardware, Unaccompanied personal baggage, courier etc Dangerous Cargo- paints, chemicals, dry ice, Valuable cargo- Gold, Silver, Perishable cargo like Fresh fruits and Vegetables, cut flowers and human remains. Cold room with 2 deg C to 8 deg C temperature control for storage of perishable cargo with data loggers facilities, Strong room for Valuable cargo and separate storage area for Dangerous cargo have been provided in the Export, Import and Domestic sections in the terminal.
International Cargo - Export and Import
The international cargo comprising of Export and Import cargo is handled in a separately demarcated area. It is essentially a Customs bonded area. MABBPL has been appointed as the Custodian by the Customs under the Customs Act to handle the Export and Import cargo.
In the Export area, MABBPL will handle all Export cargo originating from Bangalore, surrounding areas and transshipment cargo passing through Bangalore. In the Export cargo area, MABBPL will receive the Export cargo in Ready to Carry condition from the Agent/Exporter. Thereafter, the Customs will inspect the cargo and give the official permission for further processing. Thereafter, MABBPL will undertake security X-ray screening of cargo and building of the ULDs. The transfer of the ULDs from the terminal to the airside for loading on to the aircraft will be undertaken by the Ground Handling Agent i.e, Globeground, AI-SATS.
MABBPL will handle all Import cargo (Customs Dutiable and non- dutiable cargo) destined to Bangalore and transshipment cargo passing through Bangalore. After the aircraft lands at the Airport, the ULDs will be delivered to the terminal by the Ground Handling Agent. Thereafter, the cargo in the ULD will be segregated and stored in appropriate locations. The cargo will be stored in the terminal till all Customs formalities are completed. For clearing the cargo for home consumption, first the Cargo is presented for examination to the Customs by the Agents/Importer. Customs Duty is paid for all dutiable cargo and after getting the necessary permission from Customs, MABBPL will deliver the cargo to the Agents/Importers after collecting the Handling and Storage charges.
Domestic - Outbound and Inbound
MABBPL will handle all domestic cargo originating from Bangalore and international cargo passing through Bangalore. The international transshipment cargo will be received along with the Domestic cargo from smaller airports and will be then transferred to the International area after obtaining the necessary Customs permission. MABBPL will be involved in the receipt, storage and transfer of outbound and inbound cargo.
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